Welcome random human being! (at least, I assume you are a human being, though I could be wrong). It would appear as though you've stumpled upon the RANDOM GARBAGE part of my website, a place in which, as the name implies, is filled with RANDOM GARBAGE made by me, a human being, and totally not a small bird who lives in the desert and learned how to type, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. ._.

so anyway...

feel free to click LITERALLY ANYTHING that you would like to click on ON THIS PAGE. Fair warning, if you are prone to excessive time wasting, being purple, or saxaphone playing, then I highly recommend you drink several cups of black coffee (or tea if you live in Englandland, put a pink hat on your head, and perform your best rendition of John Cage's "4'33" before pressing on any further.

WARNING In the events of brainwashing, sudden loss of hair, or spontaneous combustion, you may not hold King Kibbles or any citizen of Kibble's Kingdom responsible for damages, and no, I will not give you any pineapples if you get confused after looking through this garbage.

okay, have fun, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!